Together (for him on our anniversary)

Sixteen years ago, flat on our backs on the concrete basketball court of New Life Camp, we star-gazed and sang praises to our God. You led me in worship. You finished my sentences. You understood my thoughts. You accepted me with all my failures and flaws. The Lord ministered to us that two friends would … Continue reading

Sending Out an SOS

Help, Lord! I am drowning! Meriam-Webster’s defines SOS as an internationally recognized signal of distress in radio code (‧ ‧ ‧ - - - ‧ ‧ ‧) used especially by ships calling for help. First used in 1910, it also refers to a call or request for help or rescue. The image surfacing for me is the one of the enormous red SOS … Continue reading

White Walls and an Unchanging God

Are you a creature of habit or one who thrives with change? At age three, my nephew told his Granzie (my mother) that he was most upset that she was having her walls painted. She tried to explain that they were dirty and needed a fresh touch. He promptly responded that he liked her “nasty, … Continue reading

The Diaper and Surrender!

“Have you ever realized that you can give things to God that are of value to Him? Or are you just sitting around daydreaming about the greatness of His redemption, while neglecting all the things you could be doing for Him? I’m not referring to works which could be regarded as divine and miraculous, but … Continue reading

The Method, Mark and Mode of Jesus

There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.  Romans 8:1 The new day yields new mercies. God exacted the day in motion…for the sun to rise…for the body to sleep and awake to newness. The gift of … Continue reading

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