Jesus Christ

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I feel compelled to tell you first that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I love to travel and introduce others to Jesus. In college, I spent a summer in Mauritius, Africa. Since then, I have visited many other countries. I once thought that I would live my life in a new land, serving others, and sharing the gospel, but that door closed for me…twice.

As my husband and I prepared for ministry in seminary, I traveled by car out of my neighborhood on an ordinary Saturday morning. Unaware of a vehicle in my lane, I was hit head-on by another motorist when I was pregnant, and due for delivery, with my second daughter. After my husband found me, I was Life Flighted to a major hospital. With touch-and-go, life-threatening injuries, my healing accelerated and my life was spared. Our baby, Avery was left with permanent brain damage.(I share my testimony on this blog.)

After Avery passed away at the age of 4, my husband and I tried to go overseas again. With jobs prepared for us and the hopes of a dream realized, we were shocked that God would close the door another time. This time my feet went numb, and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, just like my sister was diagnosed 9 years earlier. I have the type that goes into remission. Presently, I have some days that require slowing down, but am blessed to mostly keep a normal routine.

diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Through all of these trials, I am more thankful to be the wife of Burwell, and the mother of Lindy, who is 14. My other daughters, Avery and Olivia (stillborn), are in Heaven with Jesus. Many read my story and think, “How Depressing,” but that is not how God enables me to view my life. He fills me with His joy in the mundane days as well as the days of adventure. I am thankful, and I trust in His sovereignty. I didn’t say that it has been easy to be able to proclaim that, but I am sharing with you that God gives each of us what we need to continue in Him in any situation that He allows us to walk through.

studying the Word of God

As you can tell by taking a look at this page, I love art, especially passing on art to children. I studied Textile Design in college at North Carolina State University. I began studies prior to the auto accident at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and am thankful to return to complete those studies now.

Additionally, I home school my daughter and I enjoy teaching a few art sessions to home schoolers each year, too.

Finally, but not last, I have a passion for studying the Word of God and sharing what I have learned in hopes that it might help it to go well in some areas for others. I have led small group women’s studies, shared the gospel with children through overseas ministries, camps, and international hosting programs, and I presently serve as a coordinator for an outreach ministry at my home church, which aims to reach ladies with the presentation of the Word and the message of the gospel, through a Ladies Christmas Tea with approximately 600 ladies attending.

I have learned to live in plenty and in want, with bliss and sorrow, with victory and defeat, and most of all, with the daily need for the strength and help of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.