Build your career with the Lord: the best examples of resume formats and tips for those who choose a theological seminary

To become a priest is a life choice made according to God’s calling and voluntary renunciation of earthly joys. It can be a man who has a theological education and is ordained to the priesthood.

A priest is not a profession or work that lasts 8 hours and continue to live a personal life. Serving God is a complete dedication to people as a faithful servant of God, ready at the right time to become an assistant, mediator, spiritual mentor, shepherd.

Perhaps someone wants to become a priest because of wealth, so the abundance comes with time, and not every parish can provide the priest with decent content.

The priests in everyday life have to do the same things as ordinary people, while they have constant force majeure circumstances:

  • someone has died and must be buried;
  • another calls to pray at the bedside of a seriously ill patient;
  • christening there;
  • the third must be unified.

No one cares about how the household affairs in the family of the clergyman are at this time.

The main thing is that priesthood is a great responsibility to God, who entrusts the shepherding to a certain person, then he will be asked from him, from him and his descendants.

How to get a seminar education

Theological education opens the door to the priesthood.

Basic requirements for all comers:

  • age – 18-35 years old;
  • marital status – single or married once;
  • secondary education;
  • Mentally healthy
  • recommendations from a priest.

When entering the seminary, those who want to become clergy must navigate the Bible, Old and New Testaments, know the Catechism and the history of the Church, which is checked during the exam. Among the best resume format examples, you can find and study the pastor’s resume to prepare better for the exam.

Before admission to the exam, you should pass a test for knowledge of prayers, chants and possession of the basics of vocals. A prerequisite is the ability to know the Church Slavonic language and reading psalms on it.

A person who has not been able to clearly state his intentions, motives, prove sincerity and desire to serve the Lord and people at the interview may not be allowed to pass exams.

Applicants should be prepared for a rigorous examination of faith and strict discipline. Just want to warn that the most faithful and chosen by God reach the end.

A dormitory is provided for those living in other cities in the seminary, in which there are also strict rules, violation of which may threaten expulsion from the seminary.

All seminarians are provided with a scholarship. At the end of the seminary, final exams are passed, a confession is held, and after which the most worthy can be ordained, become priests, but this is not a mandatory guarantee after the end of a religious institution.

holy Bible

Who can become a priest

The desire to become a priest is born in a heart filled with knowledge of God and mission on earth, as a Christian.

A true understanding of the depth of dedication to God and people is characteristic of men who possess certain moral qualities:

  • strong faith;
  • humility;
  • the ability to hear God;
  • strength of mind;
  • patience
  • love for people and a desire to serve them.

A deep understanding of the priestly ministry is available to church Christians, they agree to abandon many, even earthly pleasures, in order to fully accept the happiness of communion with God.

First of all, those who want to become a priest should understand that the life of a minister of God is dedicated to people, there are no time limits in it, but there are strict rules and regulations. In pastoral service there is no leave at will or at one’s own expense; one cannot quit one’s job at one’s own will or change one’s job.

A priest is a subject subject to whom there are superior servants, obedience is unquestioning. This is called humility, which for God is the highest sacrifice. Few Christians can become priests, not because of the absence of any deep knowledge, but from the lack of Christian maturity and the ability to take responsibility.

Before receiving the education of a theologian, men must prove themselves in service, this should be a need and enjoyment, a priority in life. It is impossible to imagine in the role of a clergyman a weak believer, not living in the interests of the church, not observing fasts and prayer rules. A priest cannot become a person who has low moral qualities, who does not know how to tame his sinful thoughts.

After graduation

Having received distribution in the parish, graduates must go through certain steps of the hierarchical ladder.

At first, those who chose the path of the clergyman serve as deacons, after which they are ordained to the priests, the highest level being the bishopric, archpriestism, and rector.

The Holy Spirit participates in the Sacrament of Consecration – ordination, which fills the heart of the future mentor of the laity with special love for them and makes the priest the bearer of God’s grace.

Theological education is a prerequisite for receiving the dignity, although the head of the parish can take responsibility and perform the rite of consecration to the priests without special education.

This practice is inherent in few churches, and experience shows that it is difficult to do without a theological education for the priest.

A chance to become a priest in adulthood

The history of the Church keeps cases when men living in the world, like ordinary Christians, found in themselves the gift of serving people. They help at first, then begin to serve in the temple, and then decide to become a priest.

At theological institutions, distance learning is offered, the age limit of which is increased to 55 years.

On a note! Absentee enrollment is already accepted for church ministry, having the recommendations of a priest and dean, documents certified by the bishop.

Each issue of ordination as a priest is considered individually.