Loving the Unlovable

When you parent a brain-damaged child, you gain a privileged perspective on humanity. Vulnerability is revealed in even the strongest believers. Our inability to control our circumstances is exposed in a simple gaze upon a child such as our Avery. And some people brave the questions, “Why would a loving God allow such? We understand … Continue reading


D.L. Moody defines contrition as “deep, godly sorrow and humiliation of heart because of sin.” Life is so busy. So much is required to stay afloat sometimes. But the Lord never requires so much of us that we are unable to sit at His feet daily. It is I, who must prioritize, in order to … Continue reading

Together (for him on our anniversary)

Sixteen years ago, flat on our backs on the concrete basketball court of New Life Camp, we star-gazed and sang praises to our God. You led me in worship. You finished my sentences. You understood my thoughts. You accepted me with all my failures and flaws. The Lord ministered to us that two friends would … Continue reading